A Full-Scale Production Agency Laser Focused on the Experience

For more than a decade, Dream Front Labs has been creating live events and studio productions that not only fulfill our clients’ visions but leave audiences buzzing. That’s because no matter how large our inventory of high-tech hardware or how specialized our team of engineers and technicians is, we’re constantly focused on one thing above all else – creating an amazing experience.



For more than 10 years, clients from all over the country in need of high-quality live event and studio productions have said, “Call Rudy.” Our founder, Rudy Juarez, built Dream Front Labs from the ground up with a reputation for getting the job done. We know how to approach the live event and studio production market in a healthy and productive way to realize our vision while supporting our team to produce the highest-quality productions in the market.

Our Team

We’ve organically grown from a one-man team into a full-scale professional production agency with experienced designers, engineers, and technicians who have the unique skills to create buzz-worthy experiences.

Rudy Juarez

CEO, Media Server programmer, Video Engineer, LED Technician, Production Manager
Rudy, the Dream Front Labs founder, got his start in concerts and festivals before expanding into the corporate path of branded parties, general sessions, and trade shows, and eventually growing into large-scale televised award shows and high-end studio broadcasts.

Juan Juarez

Operations Manager
After managing warehouse operations for many years, Juan joined Dream Front Labs to oversee the company’s growth, including investments, onboarding new hires and vendors, maintaining project workflow with our clients, and overseeing the accounting department.

Josean Garcia Reyes Loaiza

Media Server Programmer, Video Engineer, Lighting Programmer, LED Technician
Having installed many studio LED rigs for companies such as Televisa, TV Azteca, Telemundo, and Univision, Josean became an expert programmer for video playback on some of these network’s biggest studio productions before joining the team at Dream Front Labs.


Coming from the award show world on the video side of things, Hugo developed skills in LED video and media server programming before joining Dream Front Labs, where he continues his work in video while adding video content development to his repertoire.


Business development advisor

Noel, has over a decade of experience in the entertainment field. He has advised festivals, independent production companies and large studios on how to exponentially grow their business and minimize risks in the process

Why Dream Front Labs

At the heart of every successful live event is communication and coordination. Whether it’s a team of 10 or 100, Dream Front Labs has the professionalism, accuracy, and experience to produce high-quality live event and studio productions.

Diverse Experience

We have more than a decade of experience producing live events ranging from arena concerts and stadium festivals to brand sponsorships and corporate tradeshows, and studio productions ranging from music videos and award shows to TV commercials and live broadcasts.

Custom Workflow

From lead engineers and technicians to production and design, our capabilities flex to meet your needs.

National Reach

We’re based in L.A. but we have the coast-to-coast reach to support your live event or studio production wherever you are in the country.

Let’s Bring Your Dream to Life

Whether you’re planning an arena show, outdoor festival, trade show, or studio production we have the equipment, engineers, technicians, and designers to bring it to life.